New Racing System

Hello everybody !

Thanks to the organization of several race events in-game, the interest of adding more tools and possibilities for racing between players by FDev has grown for me.

For now, I have two ideas:

At first, courses created by the developers and playable with the CQC.

In a second time, give players the opportunity to create their own races. This could be done with an asset of holographic tags, whose can give some directions or informations. But giving to the players the ability to drop persistent objects in the galaxy is pretty risky, almost as much as opening a minecraft server to everyone and hoping there will have no abuse. To counter any abuse, a pretty simple idea. Suggest that players share their paths with each other. With a system like this, no need to worry about holographic tag pollution throughout the galaxy. This could even promote courses unknown to the community with a sharing hub like steam workshop but in-game.

So, what do you think about that? [smile]
cqc race - unlikely, cqc just seem deprioritized for now, plus i would like it integrated** into elite, not it's own module

it's possible that a tube course or holographic marker assets get added on a planet or around a station... but imo that will attract griefing/camping in open and even attempting private groups

**integrated idea

San Tu recognized as a PvP hub
sanctioned FFA race track tunnel 3D-oval added to a station (yeah it spins slowly woo!)
dock and 'enter' for a fee
up to 8 CMDRS? [it makes an instance for the racers and your ship goes through the hanger and fades to entering the race track]
no rules or regulations, no ship restriction or presets
loadout == your ship
let the players discover the Meta!
2-9 NPC's of various skill in every race to make it 10 racers (or maybe it should be 20 total)
minimum is just 1 CMDR (9 NPCs) yes you can actually race solo if you want!
15 laps... so maybe it is a ~10 minute race
no pit area
ranked time, place, kills
maybe spectators welcome, a race is visible from the outside

i think this could add a few thousand DAU back to the game long-term :D

and I think racing peripheral / paint and ship kits sold in fdev store to grow your revenue :thumbs up:
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You're talking about open-mode griefing, and that's a good point.

But, I propose an exchange route system. An unknown player who comes with the intention to grief or Kill racers, will not be able since he does not have this course.
Only the very famous places of races will be the target by the PK. And these places will be filled with many players and therefore some protection. If the races take place in private will not go up to their ears. Most of the PK present at stake are only faint of spirit, they run on the CG and the hubs, they will surely not beat hours to find spots of races.
This idea of a station with an internal course is very interesting and gives way to new ideas.

Like, mobile race station, who jump each 3 day or weeks, which can have modules and other exclusive objects to sell.

Oh, more I think about this concept and more I like it. You made me fall in love... [yesnod]
Attention race fans! While we wait for FD to give us better tools for racing, why not take a shot at the latest Buckyball Race which is on right now and runs until midnight on Sunday 22nd July.

Click my "Race to the Poles" signature banner for details.

Also, if you're intested in station circuit racing then I believe the Okinura Sprint is still running so you could always nip over there and try get your name on their scoreboard!

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