Ships "New" ship: The Krait ---> Expectations?

While it is common knowledge that the Krait is a an obsolete antique in Elite, I am still looking forward to its release as part of the Q1 2018 update (or so we hope!).

I would like to use this opportunity to ask everyone's input on how they would like this ship should to be configured for the current Elite: Dangerous title. Be reasonable pertaining to the ship's size and limitations. The perceived size appears to be similar to that of a Type 10 Defender based on the photo provided by the Elite Wiki.

What niche would this ship serve and could it compare to its existing counterparts?
-(could it fight like a vulture, cruise like an asp explorer or fit cargo like a type-9/10 defender?)

How many hardpoints, and what type?

What would you consider a reasonable power-plant?

Cargo Space?

Jump range?
Shields and speed like a FDL
Weapon positions like a Viper but 2x L and 2x M
Manouverability like a FAS
Jump Range like a Python
An oversized Vulture. 2 huge hardpoints and not much room for anything else. Nimble but not stupid fast. A need to carefully balance heat/power.
An oversized Vulture. 2 huge hardpoints and not much room for anything else. Nimble but not stupid fast. A need to carefully balance heat/power.
That sounds like the FDL to a T.

I want to see something a bit different about the Krait. What about an ED ship version of a sniper rifle? Long range damage potential but weak shields and hull.

I envision a tight cluster of 3 medium hardpoints slightly above or below the cockpit, then a pair of small clusters to each side, making nine in total. Favors fixed weapons for sniping, and the high quantity encourages creative engineering combos.

Give it a big Class 7 PP and Class 7 PD to run lots of rails/plasmas but small internals to limit shield strength.

Big main and reverse thrusters for making and keeping distance during sniping, but poor lateral and ventral/dorsal thrusters to limit it in close range.

For internals, maybe follow the theme of three 3s: three Class 5s, three Class 3s, and 3 class 1s. As an added bonus, let this thing have a good jump range, and those internals could lend to a great explorer build? :0
Well, it was a small, obsolete attack ship in the old games, but this time it will be a medium for some reason.

In the old lore, the Fer-De-Lance was banned for being too powerful for civilian use, and too impractical for military use. The Krait was a pirate ship because it was cheap and fast.

So I expect something along the lines of the FDL. Fast, powerful, good balance of firepower and shields, terrible jump rate. A good combat ship with a distinctive look.
Probably a kitbashing of a Vulture and a Keelback. I mean, its supposed to have a hangar, right?

Likely a few ok hardpoints with inflexible internals.
That sounds like the FDL to a T.
Not quite but I guess they're all similar in various ways. It's going to be nigh on impossible to make it completely unique but I envisaged a ship probably nearer to the FAS than the FDL in terms of handling but with FDL level of optional internals. And two huge hardpoints. It'd be a fun ship I reckon.
A Ship With History

This guide might be "slightly" :p out of date but this could be the starting point. The Krait review starts at 10:17 but do have a look at the other ships too as, you never know, some of those listed just might turn up in ED, some after all, already have. ;)
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Yeah, in the old Elite games it seemed more like a small fighter so I was thinking it was going to be a small or medium sized fighter at the most. I figured it was going to be around a few million credits at the very least depending on it's size/shielding/armaments/maneuverability. But at the most, I figured it could rival the Python or FDL in cost at the most.
Well I know the Krait won't be an exploration ship so I won't even pretend to expect that.

So realistically what would I love to see the Krait end up being?

I'd like for it to be a competitor to the Python. Meaning a medium ship with comparable stats to the Python yet different too. Maybe slightly less cargo capacity, less hardpoints but SLF capability to make up for that, possibly slightly faster yet a tad less agile too.

The game desperately needs an alternative to the Python and the Krait would be a great opportunity to implement one.
Personally I'd like to see it as something in capability between a Vulture and a Python. Something that is reasonably fast, and agile. 2 large mounts, 2 medium mounts. But without the power, heat, or module issues present in the Vulture. A ship designed for pirating shouldn't have trouble fitting 10-26 tons of cargo, a decent shield, shield cell banks, hull reinforcement, hatch breakers, and an interdictor. A pirate ship should be able to actually attack a larger ship, survive, and leave with some of the stolen cargo.

Cobra, and AspX have the module space and speed, but lack in terms of damage output so you can't really damage anything larger than a Type 5 before it can jump away. Vulture has damage, but not the modules. Python, clipper, FAS doesn't have the manuverability, FGS and DBX don't have the speed, FDL doesn't have the jump range. All these new ships are neat, but should actually be good in their designed roles. Cobra mkIII, Python, Anaconda shouldn't be hands down the best ships in their class for everything.
Originally it was a small fighter, basically beam laser fodder in packs of 4 for my Cobra 3.

If it gets here as a re-work, It would be nice to get a specific Pirate ship. One with good speed to catch targets and enough internals to grab some cargo. A Fast Viper IV with bigger guns? Sign me up.
PUUURRRLEEEEZE let it be an alternative to the Python.

(The Python is a great ship, but it really really needs some competition.)
PUUURRRLEEEEZE let it be an alternative to the Python.

(The Python is a great ship, but it really really needs some competition.)
You mean more ships at that price range then? I can get behind that because the only other ships around that price range if I recall is the Orca and the Fer De Lance if I recall.

But if you are hoping for a general multipurpose ship at that price range I feel there is no point for it as it would be fairly redundant to have another multipurpose ship at that price range. People would just get what they like more or has better stats.
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