Recently started a new squadron "WEYLAND YUTANI CORP" cause who doesn't like a bit of Alien, there are Thargoids after all.

Tried recruiting CMDRs through Xbox groups, but is almost completely dead. Only four people have marked they are interested, one player has joined the Xbox Club i created named "Weyland Yutani Inc" cause corp is taken and seeing as every other way of entering it was already taken:rolleyes:. But nobody has joined the squadron as of yet from this post.

Everyone is welcome traders, explorers, head hunters and Thargoid antagonists. Even pirates have a place of employment here (unofficially of course).
Based in federation space, only 15LY from Sol at "Groombridge 1618". Join the company today for a corporate future shaped by you at Weyland-Yutani.

If interested please search for the squadron name and request to join or send a message to "ReconSloth25".

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Why insert another universe's IP though?
Because I'm a big fan of Alien, plus it's only a name. Other squadrons take after StarWars with something like the 501st in their name not really much of a difference.

I guess I get to add one of my favourite things (Alien) to one of my favourite games Elite. So why not.
Not out of my cargo hold.:LOL:
If your preference is pirating or you intend to do so then just don't pirate any friendly vessels. i.e. Weyland Yutani CMDRs or NPCs of supporting faction.

Everyone and everything else is free for you to do as you please.
For any specifics wingmissions will be used as a method of payment where you join it on hand in.

Happy hunting CMDR
Alien's is a classic, one of the best.

We currently only have 14, but only approaching 2 months old. But because of our size I haven't created a discord. Being on Xbox a lot of people don't use it. At the moment I have sent up a Xbox Club as a social.

We do have someone who is a big miner and have done mining as wings recently.

You're welcome to join.
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