News New stream series: Frontier Xtra

Hi Will, thanks for doing these streams!

Question: Will PC players be given the option to have extra commanders per account in the future, hopefully with some account wide unlocks like Guardian or Engineer unlocks? (Whether this is part of paid content, a store item etc)

The only reason I have not bought a second account, is that I would hate having to grind the guardian modules unlock yet again :-(
Question of the Month: When will become accessible in the game the "Space legs" and the "atmospheric landing"? Where does the the development heading now?
yaaaay more livestreams!! I ditto the question about the roadmap of ED in 2019, however this might not be their favourite question guys...

3pm does seem an unusual time for it, but my dislike is personal as I leave for work at 4pm on fridays so I'd end up missing some of the stream... oh well there's the catchup eh
Any information is much appreciated.

The timing is a bit odd though. 1700h would be doable, 1800h would be good for a working individual in Europe, i guess...

Looking forward to the news!

With ED, please do not overcompensate with the easy fluffy stuff. Do not overload us with pictures of Asps In Front of Things.
Better than Asps Behind Things ;), but agree with the point.

However, I suspect it will be more fluff. Poor Will, left holding the baby.
Better than Asps Behind Things ;), but agree with the point.

However, I suspect it will be more fluff. Poor Will, left holding the baby.
If it turns into the current Reddit (choked with unending "its my first whatever / this is pretty / SRV in amusing situation") with 'we can't talk about it' I'll be dissapointed because all its doing is simply duplicating what already exists, and using FDs on screen 'together prime time' to essentially say nothing of value.

Will / FD etc need to go back to basics, back in time to the pic of the week, or even something as basic as an interview with someone on the team, concept art, teases for The New Era™.

I'm not a total Grotbags, some pictures are fine, its just FD do take the easy path when if they were smart they'd mix in original content and use it to build and sustain interest. I do get FD can't talk about everything lest the Hand of Braben cuts them down like wheat, but they need to learn lessons.
Question of the Month: What are the plans for 2019 ? (Both 3.3.x and 4.x pls) :)
Answer "We'll let you know when we're ready"

There, saved you all that worrying and anticipation. Anyone who thinks they are going to give away any meaningful answers is sadly in for disappointment, we've trodden this path before.
will you talk about when you fix bugs or just anounce the anouncement of a a amazing featutuere you never will implant

Question of the Month: Do you even try to fix some bugs?
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Question 1:

Is there an active playerbase in FDEv who can fly FA Off and hit with PA's`? Would like to here what they think of the current balance state of the game.

Question 2:
How exactly are the Squadron leaderboards calculated?
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