New stream series: Frontier Xtra

Paige Harvey

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Hello everyone!

We're excited to announce a new monthly stream called Frontier Xtra, in which your Community Managers will take you through the latest news for our Frontier games and communities. We will talk about active discussions within the community, the best creations or screenshots of the month, fun moments we've encountered, and more.

We will be doing these streams every last Friday of the month, with the first one being today, 22 February at 15:00 UTC. Please come and join us over on our Twitch channel - we'd love to have you in the chat!

While a large chunk of the time will be focused on discussing our games, there's plenty of room to let your voice be heard too! We'll be dedicating some time to any questions you might have about the Frontier games you play, so please pop them on the thread below.

Additionally, we are introducing the Question of the Month: what do you want to know about the gaming industry, Frontier itself, or the Community Managers/Developers? This section will be dedicated to discussing a question from you, as long as it's relevant to the gaming industry. Please put your thoughts down below, and we will pick this month's favourite to discuss.

Hope to see you there!
Ok, well, I'll start.

Do we have an idea about how the teams of each game are sized/split, respectively to each other ?

Aka, which percentage of the teams is composed of audio wizards, or coding necromancers, or even game design gurus ?

Is there a separate team working on the Cobra Engine itself and enhancing the tech and tools it has ?

Oops that's 3 questions :D
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This week's Frontier Xtra livestream was on last Wednesday, it was a special due to the announcement of Frontier's new game Planet Zoo. Frontier also covered some topics about the other games.

You can watch the replay here:
(As) If nobody has bothered to mention this before @Paige Harvey @Stephen Benedetti


Seriously, go watch an Obsidian Ant, D2EA, TheYamiks, Brocast, #BlameAscorbius, Plater, Buur Pit, literally ANY of the guys that stream or upload videos of your game! They get it right while you guys are STILL fumbling in the dark on this point. No wonder nobody bothers watching your streams any more.

Fix that so we can at least hear you lot ramble on about what else you did on the weekend... ;)

[PS: Might be sensible to talk about the actual game instead, and maybe learn how to play it?]
[Another tip: Have you considered reading the comments people leave on your videos at all!?]

[Edit: lol, just noticed this is probably the wrong thread but I'm beyond caring, just fix the audio]
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