New Teaser Trailer for 2.4

Okay then. Have fun not being hyped.
while you are not wrong, cheer the puck up XD
I don't see how pointing out that Frontier doesn't really understand the trailer concept equals being in a poor mood. You both should keep comments on topic instead of trying to make it personal.

Nothing new in it. Little for hype here.

I'm just hoping it doesn't break the game. Just once. Please...

*Debates how he can blame T.J*
I'm totally behind an update that isn't broke. We'll see soon enough.
How is this a ''teaser trailer''? It shows absolutely nothing new, just Thargoid related content already seen and discovered...

I was expecting a little sneak peak of things to come.
Well, I'm hyped, no sour grapes here. What was the purpose (of the trailer)? The purpose was to instill a ominous feeling that something major is about to happen, a sense of foreboding and I think the trailer did exactly that. The Ship is about to hit the Flower.... fan...blade thingys.... or whatever they are called.
They said Q3 back when they announced it, so this month or September.

Also, I'll say that it looks like there isn't a ton of new technically difficult features in this update, so hopefully it'll be pretty soon.
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