New to VR. Any advice on which headset is the best currently?

Looking at the currently available reviews, methinks the HP Reverb is pretty good, both in terms of cost, quality, reviews, and value for money. Not out to the general public for a couple of weeks or so, but looking at it has already made me discount the Occulus Rift S, and though I've been rooting hard for the Pimax, looking at some of the reported problems has me unconvinced as to it being the one to go for..
Congrats on the Odyssey+, and really good advice about the SS. It's something I knew but didn't think to include in my setup thread, I'll update when I get a chance.

After removing all of the included front padding on the Odyssey+ I used 3 out of a 4 pack of replacement Rift padding as there wasn't Odyssey shaped padding at the time. 1 piece cut with angles to allow it velcro on, 1 piece shredded to fill light bleed, and 1 piece whole in contact with my face, all attached with tape but jot with tape against the face. Doesn't look good but works well.

The strap is a spare velcro thing I had lying around, wrapped between the front piece and headphone struts and tightened to sit on my head so the band doesn't need to pinch too tightly front to back.

There are lots of pictures of Odyssey and + modding on reddit, worth a Google.

If it'll help I can post reddit links and pictures of my own next week when I'm back at my pc.
I found a site which sells a replacement for the Samsung Plus padding.
I ordered one and should be good to go. I may have to do the mod you suggest for the strap in the back.
Thanks for the advice.
Gz on the Odyssey you won't be disappointed, also get the head strap from studio form creative. And possibly so the velcro mod so it it angled right and enjoy!

I am new to VR and have been looking around for my first headset.

I have heard that the Valve Index is going to be better then the Oculus S, which I am considering.

I wanted a PiMax BE, but folks say customer service and support is lacking or non-existent and the first headsets ordered by backers are just arriving.

I would at least want a company providing warranty, customer service, fixes and updates, regardless of the headset I choose.


I also did a little research regarding the Best VR out in the market nowadays, helped me a lot in my purchase decision. among the many resources, I found this article very comprehensive:

hope it helps you too.
No Samsung Odyssey plus on that list yet they have a lesser wmr headset there? Fail. Probably don't know their stuff
Which one is the WMR headset? Maybe I'm being blind but I don't see it, most are standalone.

Looks like HP reverb is best choice for ED and sims right now.
Is it actually out? I've not seen any detailed reviews with elite for it yet. Wjat do you need to drive the resolution? Again maybe I've missed something!
Edit. I see there's a video in the other thread will have a look tonight.
No Samsung Odyssey plus on that list yet they have a lesser wmr headset there? Fail. Probably don't know their stuff
Is Samsung Odyssey Plus a must pick? I would like to know how is it :) Haven't read it yet from the few reviews I found online.
The pimax is a dev-kit, albeit a slightly polished dev-kit the software can be described as alpha level of stability.
On top of this, yes I can confirm the support is atrocius, when it's there, the other times it's just non-existant.

You are left to figure stuff out through forums and youtube videos.
And you will need a powerfull machine to even get a moderate use out of it.
If you have anything less than a 1080ti-2080 you can forget about running it in elite, with an i7 7700k or newer.

The index looks great on paper, but it's main feature being higher FPS, at a higher resolution than the Pimax's.
You can forget about that one too, unless you have at minimum a 2080ti.
Even the recommended specs for devices are optimistic clap trap, and relies on the use of motion smoothing.

The HP reverb, well the song remains the same with that one too, forget about it unless you got a beefy rig.

The more I'm looking at it the simplified way Oculus is taking is the better option, it might not be pushing boundaries, but it's something people can run realistically on a computer costing less than $3000.

It's only real detractor at this point is the fixed IPD setting.
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