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New winter update slowed my coasters down.



Area of Game Affected

After the new update, my coasters run slower. I can verify this because my Ghost Mine coaster was perfectly timed to run 7 trains with no stops on the block brakes. After the update all the trains move slower and stall at the block brakes.

Steps to Reproduce
I compare the new POVs to videos recorded before the update. Because of the delays, triggered events no longer sync correctly.
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Ensure you have the most up-to-date BIOS and chipset drivers.
• These drivers will be available on the manufacturers’ website.
• Download and install these updates at your leisure.
• This will improve system stability and performance.

Perform a clean reinstallation of your graphics card drivers.
For NVIDIA hardware:
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• Click ‘Drivers’
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For AMD hardware:
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Scan for and eliminate file system errors.
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Scan for and eliminate memory errors.
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• Run this program.
• Your computer will restart and check for errors

I believe Fisherman may be referring to a noticeable increase in friction on coasters, not performance of the game. [heart]

I have noticed that friction on wooden coasters seems to be a bit excessive after the update as well.
Neezy, you are correct. It isn't my game performance. I have a very high-end gaming computer and performance has never been an issue. My problem is a change that occurred because of the winter update. Either peep loading times were changed or friction was increased. I'm pretty sure it is friction because it occurs in test mode as well. It ran perfectly before.
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I think its a shame that the only response from the devs was about performance issues and driver updates.

I don't think they want to discuss how or why the friction of coasters was changed to what it is. This was brought up a lot back when the update first launched, but it was ignored and now nobody cares. But people have shown that a very closely accurate recreation of real life coasters are not always possible without increasing the height of the first hill to increase the coasters speed more. I guess not enough people pay attention to this though