New wooden coaster type.


I do love the classic wooden coaster type already in the game but, a new modern wooden coaster type would be nice for example, the G.C.I coaster trains like Wodan at Europa Park or Ghost Rider at Knotts Berry Farm.
I hope you take this into consideration. Bye.
... Or include alternative trains for the wooden coaster (like RCT3)
Either way, I agree with OP. A variety of wooden coaster trains would be great.
I completely agree! I think also some other coasters need a variation of trains and tracks too.

For Example:

American Arrow - Could have a Vekoma MK-100 variation
The Energizer - Maybe both Big One and Magnum XL-200 trains.
Looney Turns - Two Seats across like a lot of El Loco Coasters.
Boa - Could come with a Vekoma SLC track variation and maybe even the 4 Tube Impulse Track
Sprint 500 could have Motocoaster Trains.
The Mine Train could have an option to turn the locomotive front on and off.
Perhaps the Torque could have Maurer Sohne Cars.
Maybe even a coaster like Maverick should be added into the game.
B&M Sitdown coaster?
And maybe the Rage Giga could have the 4 seater staggered variation like on Shambhala and Behemoth.
I also think that there should be 4 seater trains on the wooden track too as well as the 2 seats and the classic six seats.

I know that there are a tonne of suggestions here but having just including one of these would be perfect!
Son of Beast did but it's now defunct because of how rough it was. I highly doubt they'd add loops to them since they already have two hybrids.
Great ideas!

I would also like to see (on wood and steel coasters), the name of the park (that you name/saved the park) a lá Thorpe Park. Would give your coasters are real sense of belonging to the park they are in
I think it's fair to say there are a lot of common Coaster types missing. But I am craving a GCI train. With the coaster editor we have,, GCIs would be beautiful. I'm hoping as we come out of the holiday season we get some sort of roadmap on development plans. Lots of people here complain about content. I still find myself enjoying the game a lot but many times I am wishing there were more common Coaster types. Arrow Suspended, GCI, PTC 4 seater, Reverse inclined and launch coasters to name a few. Time will tell
I thought that the team looked at the forums and improved the game from it this post was posted in December and it's now April, nobody in the DEV team has responded and replied. I was really looking forward to the Easter update hoping that some of these peoples ideas would be integrated into the game but still not. BTW I know that it takes a long time to do this, but nobody has replied from the DEV team or mods. Sorry if I sound really awful, but just wanted to say something.