Engineers Newbie question about Engineering

So I made it to Felicity Farseer my Fer de Lance and I need sulphur to upgrade my powerplant.
But my Fer de lance isn't realy outfitted to go mining..... My Asp Explorer is....
But can I use the Asp to get the sulphur and upgrade the power plant of my Fer de lance?
Yes. All your materials that you collect are instantly transferred with you when you switch ships.

You could also just add a class 1 SRV bay and pick some up from the rocks on the planet surface. Just pick a planet with plenty of Sulphur :)
Technically, there are no class 1 SRV hangars, smallest is class 2, but the above advice is good. Just get an SRV, find a planet that has high sulphur content by mousing over it in the system map and go prospecting. You'll have plenty in short order.
Here you can check also what you can do to get each different engineering material:

Also do not forget that you can trade materials with material traders so if you have a lot of Iron for example, you can trade it for sulphur or if you get any of the rarer materials, you can a get a lot of sulphur from them. Therefore I normally do not even try to get these lower tier materials, I instead just trade for them.
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