Next-Gen Patch (super-short) Wishlist

All i really need from the PS5/XSX versions hopefully in the works is:

  • Better ground textures when using grass brushes (don’t have to be 8K, just not the current pixelated ones).
  • Better draw distance.
  • A HUD toggle for OLED and Plasma users (at least during the tour or when driving). It’s insane we have to purposely limit our time with the game to not damage our panels, please let us play the game as long as we want. It would also provide so much more immersion.
  • Better IQ and if possible framerate.

You could potentially add things to the game to infinity, but these are the only real issues i have with the game.
Please consider, and thank you for the game!
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Jens Erik

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Hello Vick,

Thank you for providing us with feedback! We don't have anything to announce regarding a next-gen patch, but if anything changes it will be announced on our social channels and forums.
Thanks for the answer!
I truly hope plans for a Next-Gen patch are in place, even with a sequel on the horizon there is just too much content in this game already, hours and hours of creators efforts and unique DLC's like Return to Jurassic Park, unlikely to appear again.

I just wanted to add these, maybe obvious, things:

  • Equivalent of Max Settings of the PC version in general (both Consoles are capable enough) if not better, like in the case of Draw Distances.
  • Same regular grass of the PC version.
  • Fixes on the glitched Pop-In when playing with focal lenght on Capture Mode (LOD acting the opposite of expected, with visuals getting worse and shadows disappearing when getting closer/zooming).

Again, thanks for listening!
Just allow Microsoft to do it via fps boost feature of the Series X. I think its no work for frontier. They just need to deactivate the 30fps cap. I dont know if it would hit 60 as its 4k ish resolution due to the one x version. But i dont know on what settings the console runs. Guess medium-high ish. Series x has double the gpu power and multiple times cpu power of the one x so 60 should be possible on the same settings. :)
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