Next Week's Goal: Which reward would you rather have? (Spoilers)

-So next week's Community Goal is a Conflict Zone with the option of supporting for a Missile Rack or a Multi-cannon.
-Knowing the community of this game the winner is 100% going to be the Multi-cannon.
-But placing that aside, which Module would you rather have?
-I like the idea of a shiny blue missile flying at my enemies, so I will be attempting to support the Missile Rack side myself, despite the opposition.

-Which side will you be supporting?
Multi-cannon, just not a fan of missiles.

Now, if I could carry a lot more of them at once...that'd be a different story. I don't like using the SRV to gather materials so synthesis of ammo just isn't something I like to do so any weapons that are depleted relatively quickly don't suite me.

That might change once I'm done buying ships and engineering them. I won't be so stingy with what SRV gathering I do at that point.
If its not going to be a guardian tractor beam then Multi cannons from Zende
Would be interested in knowing what this other mega corp home system is actualy like.. but then is not realy that far from zende
If I'm looking at engineering, multicannons win. Besides, dumbfire missiles have issues hitting agile enemies, so good luck getting one to land on a Thargoid.
-Which side will you be supporting?
If I do make it over there, my choice of side will be entirely random. Though I do prefer multicannons to missiles. I've no idea who these Zende upstarts are, though, so that puts me off actively supporting them. They may be lucky and get passive support (though the most likely scenario is that I don't get there :) ).
Interesting - as the groups who actually fight the Thargoids want the missiles. Interested to see if they will have issues overcoming the communities sudden love for fixed multicannons.
If you can point me to some verification of that I'd be more than happy to fight for the missiles. I trust that I'd want the same thing as those folks if I were fighting thargoids.

I'm not fighting Thargoids yet...I'm not even yet convinced that they deserve to be fought, maybe we're the bad guys in the conflict.
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I recently signed-up for PP to get the packhound missile launchers.

Bought 10 of them, fitted them to every hardpoint on my T10, went to a RES for a bit of hilarity then took 'em off again, put 'em on a shelf and haven't touched 'em since.

So, yeah.
100% MC for me. Not a fan of missiles.

I would be if they were more powerful, mind you.
For me, a couple of missile racks should be a decent defence for a cargo ship.
As things are, they're little more than fireworks.
I want the energy missiles the Sentinels shoot. No ammo for me, mister, I run on the power of sunshine.
Oh wow! I hadn't thought of that! That's a really cool idea, what if it IS like that.
I think if it was guarenteed to be like that than people would be more on board for it.
I'm not sure what you want me to verify? :) I was simply posting an opinion - nothing more.
OOOPS, quote button error. I meant that for @Factabulous! That's what I get for typing at the same time as I'm flying. ;)

I have fixed my original post and apologize for the confusion. I completely respect your right to have opinions that are not verified... LOL

I just wanted to see if it's a true preference for the Thargoid fighters out there. I'd hate to be working against them when they have more skin in the game.
People at AXI did the research / math.

Those multi-cannons will be most probably utter trash against any interceptor.
Reason: Thargoids Interceptors have hardness 100/140/170/?. Multicannons class 1/2 just don't have enough armor piercing. And special effects do not work on thargoids - so corrosive won't help.

Engineered Missiles will be so-so. Hitting will be of course harder - but interceptor is quite big target. And that ill-thought reload ...

See Source:
I suspect the Multi-cannon will win out as it is being sold to us as solution to the combat thargoids, and quite frankly hitting one of those scouts with a missile is quite a feat , where as spray and pray with a mutli-cannon has been quite effective. In addition the muli-cannon human model works just as well as the AX version, a AX loaded ammo combo on the human versions would stack nicely. Missiles for the larger thargoids seems reasonable but we already have the Gauss cannons for that. As dumb fire missiles are slower to hit the target then the gauss cannon i dont see much need for them as a replacement or assistance to that primary weapon.
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