Next Week's Goal: Which reward would you rather have? (Spoilers)

AFAIK missiles don't inherit speed of the ship they were launched from.

If you have Guardian Gauss unlocked, you'd be more useful to mount center hardpoint and one of the nacelles with it. Other nacelle should have flak launcher.
Or all 3 should be gauss, but that is quite wide hit spread, you will probably hit with only 2 of them. And they are hitscan.

The new anti-thargoid weapons are de-facto useful only for ships with enough spare hardpoints.
But because the flak is important and thermal vent beam very useful, it is probably only T10 that still has enough free hardpoints. But that ship is - diplomatically said - not very useful for direct thargoid interceptor neutralization operations.

Or for people who don't bother to unlock gauss - but I don't understand why, because you have to grind guardian mats for reloads (even more of them), so why not just grind for gauss - it won't take longer and you are in better position to fight thargoids than with advanced weapons.

My take on those new weapons is that unless FDev changes them, they won't be used a lot - even the missile that is better than MC.
No, missiles don't inherit the ship speed, but as they are dumbfire getting in close quickly could allow three direct hits, then a quick escape.

As for the Gauss... my Courier cannot handle three. I tried. I do have two, plus two large AX MCs and a flak on my Krait - I'm just looking for something different to try out.
I was excited about these until I learned there were no gimballed version, and no heat seeking version.

I was hoping I could actually load out my ship with weapons, and then swap them to AX mode if I happened upon Thargoids.

I don't think that is going to work out, as they seem to have been designed as extra weapons added on top of your current AX build. I just want to be able to fly about and do whatever comes up without having to spend half the play time re-modding my ship for the activity I saw a while ago which then isn't around once I get the ship I need for it.
If you think ax builds are all about the weapons then it's probably as well they designed the new additions the way they are....
If you think ax builds are all about the weapons then it's probably as well they designed the new additions the way they are....
I don't, I'm just saying, I was hoping they would allow me to switch modes mid flight, so instead of seeing a thargoid signal/zone, then going to a nearby station and re-fitting, I could see it, synth tharg ammo, and drop in. I'm not massively bothered about taking on the super mega monster thargs, I've soloed plenty of basic interceptors with Guardian weapons

I was hoping I could remove my gaurdian weapons, and be able to switch from better power vs human targets, to damage vs thargoids.

Just aint designed that way.
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