[INDEPENDENT] Nexus Union PC Now Recruiting

The Nexus Union is a friendly independent player group that trains and helps other commander’s in the game, to learn the ins and outs of being a pilot in the Elite Dangerous Universe. We take new, and old pilots, under our wings and help them become a formidable pilot to be reckoned with.

Nexus Union are known for the Xbox side and are now open and recruiting for the PC side looking for new and old pilots to join the ranks on the otherside through all time zones. As we are new to the PC side there is oppurtinity rise the ranks and help manage different sectors of the squadron to help nexus become the best and help grow our ingame faction along with our xbox side brothers.

Even though the squadron is new on the PC side we still have all relevent info and guidance from our xbox side experts on hand ready to help guide us and laugh with us.

The Nexus Union is open to all kinds of pilots, ships, and play styles. We have no allegiances to the major powers; however, your commander can have whichever they choose. We do not require membership to participate in any of our activities. But by joining our group, it shows that you are looking to learn new skills and share those abilities with the rest of the Universe. Also, for those within our group, will be helped to achieve Elite status quickly.

Fortune Favors the Bold.
We are Situated in the Acurus sytem which is which is near uninhabited space and the frontier to the Void.
We decided to dedicate our time on elite by helping new and experienced players alike to further advance the game play of elite, Of course everyone is welcome in the club,
But a set of rules will be enforced In private group, immediate cease fire in Private groups if aligned to any powerplay factions,
Promoting information to a nexus of players across the galaxy Imperial,Independent,Federation.

Members aren't expected to be on constantly, we understand that real life is important. Events will be Held once we established a foothold of members however in game faction events/tasks will constantly be available working along side our xbox side`s conquest of systems goals ect...

If your looking for a squadron for Casual play and eventually PVP, Thargoid hunting and More... Come Join and Grow with us today and show we are a upcoming force to be reckon with!

Main Rule:
No smoking

Interested in Joining? Discord and Inara is a must and you must be 18+ due to content on discord e.g. language ect...
For Details and more info Contact me via Discord: (bradley0095 #2120)
OR join our discord: https://discord.gg/mW8sV9m

For xbox side feel free to check out there post

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