NHSS in Coalsack!

Been scouting for evidence of Thargoids in Coalsack and found an infestation in the following system.
Will report on others as i find them

Musca Dark Region MD-R B5-6
Musca Dark Region MD-R B5-0 over 100 NHSS in this system
Musca Dark Region KI-R B5-5
Musca Dark Region HM-V C2-31 total of 146 NHSS in this system 7 fleet carriers on station
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Some people really don't pay attention do they ;)

I had been exploring the Coalsack for a week and not a sausage seen Thargoid wise other than mapping out a number of Barnacle sites.
The in ship Galnet news had no mention of a community goal at the time of posting, indeed I later noticed from the launcher that it was about a week out of date news wise.
By that time id already spotted a system with lots of Thargoids in it, being excited i posted about it on this forum. I also checked out the forums and saw a post i think from yourself talking about megaship attacks. I then wondered if a combat CG was happening in the Coalsack and sure enough there was when i checked the CG forum, so i thought to assist commanders wanting to help with the CG i would add the name of some additional systems i had found that were swarming with Thargoids, hence the later edits.

What was most notable for me was the lack of Hyperdictions. Not one. When visiting the Pleiades or Witch head the Thargoids liked to pull me over every three or four systems to check me out. All the Barnacles also had the same markings. Made me wonder if this is a different Thargoid faction.
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