No Brakes on the Infinite Coaster?

Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. I am new and apparently do not have sufficient privileges to make a thread in the bug reports forum, but this is something I thought was worth sharing.

It seems there are no "real" brakes on the new Infinite coaster type. There are some labeled as "friction brakes", but as you can see in the attached photo, they look exactly like block brakes (meaning they have drive tires, not just straight brakes).

They seem to still function, but as someone who likes creating very realistic coasters, it bothers me I cannot have a long row of friction or magnetic brakes like I can on every other coaster type in the game.

Was this on purpose or simply a visual bug?
Friction Brakes Infinite.jpg

Having magnetic brakes would be nice, but I am content with just friction brakes as long as I can make a long row of them that doesn't include drive tires (like I can on most other types).

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