No Hydras in Pleiades?

Good evening fellow Thargoid-Hunters,

i recently set myself an aim to step up from those ordinary scouts and cyclops and go for the really big fishes in the pond.
So i went on that caustic journey and now my stealthy Phantom eats Medusas for breakfast...

Now it's time for the lunch: Hydras !
But .. uhhm .. there is no ... ?! :oops:

In the last days i spend hours on searching for Hydras in the Pleaides. After 20 NHSS T8 i stopped counting. It was always the scenario with 1 Medusa jumping in and a few scouts.

Occasionally, there were NHSS T9s, so i believe they are not gone. However, T9 NHSS is not the fight i am looking for... I jumped into a T9 NHSS out of desperation and the fight went completely wrong. Not beeing able to scan the Hydra and having to clear those Berserkers while the Hydra goes on me were my biggest problems. I thought: "Naaah.. you don't need Xeno Scanner" But it appears that counts only for the other interceptors with their big red glowing hearts - completly different with the Hydra in my opinion.

Long story short :
What happened with Threat 8 NHSS ? All those youtube hydra solos happened in NHSS T8s, but i don't find any lone Hydra.
Did you guys experience the same problem? Is there another solution to find one ? Or is it just extremely bad luck ? Or are they THAT RARE?!

Hope somebody can help me :)
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