No livestream this week


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Greetings Coaster fans!

There'll be no Planet Coaster livestream tonight, as we're still reeling from our awesome livestream with Mike Sheets and MaskedBandit102 on Monday! Be sure to check out the video here:


We'll be back next week with more Planet Coaster for you all!


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for 1.7.5 update?
For the regular Wednesday livestream yesterday, not specifically for update announcements.

Regarding the upcoming livestreams; Frontier will tell you more about that as soon as they are ready to announce something. They won't tell anything before that.

Stay tuned! :D
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Look at the steam activity. They have been working on something since August at least. But Frontier is a secretive as Apple. They won't say what they are working on until announcement day, which we don't even know when that is. Just like how we didn't know what the next Apple products would be like until the livestream day. Nobody is allowed inside Apple Park (the round building) except Apple employees. I suppose Frontier is just as tight lipped until announcement day. It's a waiting game, we just have to wait until the official post shows up to know what we are getting in the next DLC. It could be next week, or in October but it has to be soon seeing that the steam activity is in the final trunk. Nobody from Frontier will leak anything before, so we just have to wait.
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