Hi, may I ask about the bug/issue with the carrier? If you want to make a jump, you need to select a system. But every time it say NO TIME SLOT - it's acting the same as NO FREE SLOT. But there are so many free slots... I would like to return to the bubble as soon as possible. And even with a carrier.
Same Here.

Col 285 Sector MG-Z b15-1 (20210519-193235) (4).png
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Same here. Getting the "NO TIME SLOTS" in System Map when I try to plot a carrier jump to anywhere.


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Stranded 1600 ly's out in a 5 billion credit carrier that doesn't move. I am sure the 20+ mil maintenance fee will be working just fine come tomorrow!
why they cant flash up a message like server maintenance does, but instead inform cmdrs direct of these issues does makes me wonders?
as the saying goes don't even try to play on patch day and in this games case even day +3 can be well hmmmm
so no time slots =carrier jumps disabled yea I should have known that ;)
but the what the mucking fuddle moment was fun :rolleyes: why? did that happen! ill try again hmmm yep its patch day all right...……………….
lets see what the forum says...……………………..
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