NO2O! The Definitive List of 1.7/2.2-Compatible HUD Colour/Color Configs (please add yours!)

Hello forumgoers.
Introducing: White - Lime! A HUD color sharp enough to cut through military composite!

Friendlies are MAGENTA.
Neutrals are PALE ROSE.
Enemies are WHITE. (Kind of hard to see, I understand.)

Images are below.

EDIT: In my haste, I appear to have neglected to put the important bit:

<MatrixRed> 1, 1, 1 </MatrixRed>
<MatrixGreen> 1, 0, 1 </MatrixGreen>
<MatrixBlue> 0.32, 1, -1 </MatrixBlue>
Happy hunting, Commanders.
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This all looks great!

I downloaded ED Profiler and installed a theme that had great looking avatars in your screenshots...

After loading Elite, the UI looked exactly like your screen shots, but the portraits looked nothing like it, faces are just a blue/blue wash...

I've compared and verified the numbers and it should match, but it doesn't...

Corn Flower Blue / Orange
"Orange Slate" Contributed by J.Dee (3302-10-02)

Friendlies: Green Yellow
Hostiles: Corn Flower Blue

<MatrixRed> 0.25, 0.43, 1 </MatrixRed>
<MatrixGreen> 0.83, 1, 0 </MatrixGreen>

<MatrixBlue> 1, 0, 0 </MatrixBlue>
On your screenshot below, its perfectly great...

80's Purple and Blue, red hostiles and warnings

<MatrixRed>0.4, -0.18, -0.05</MatrixRed>
<MatrixGreen>-1.35, 1.72, 2</MatrixGreen>
<MatrixBlue>1.4, -0.1, -0.25</MatrixBlue>

Additional Images:

Ship HUD is primarily purple
Ship HUD highlights are white (Shields, landing gear/cargo scoop/mass lock markers, etc)
Starport Services is Cyan and Blue
Portraits are decent, though lacking greens.
My retro-futurist/kinda disco HUD . Comes in two flavours of greens and purples. Portraits are OK in both version !

Purple dominant :


Station interface picture :

Green dominant :


Station interface picture :
I think FD need to fix the UI for portaits look normal what has me confused is this

the contacts menu red Shifted with my HUD Colour

Where as the Egineers list is blue / Green Shifted

I dont under stand how there diferent there the same UI/Colour settings!
Very nice huds. Too bad that Frontier didn't make actual ingame setting for HUD colors after several years
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Cheers mate !
Just what I was trying to achieve.
I found the original orange glow was hard to read, and was trying to tone down that bright glow.
Works well for me.
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Purple with Green Accents - Twilight Matrix

Since the release of the iridescent paint jobs (specifically Iridescent Twilight) I've been experimenting with some colors and came up with this one, called it Twilight Matrix :p
<MatrixRed> 0.20, 0, 0.70 </MatrixRed>
<MatrixGreen> 0.40, 0.50, 0.40 </MatrixGreen>
<MatrixBlue> 0, 1, 0.25 </MatrixBlue>
Don't have any in-combat pictures as of right now because it was late and had to work the day after.
Or just get them to add customization for the hud. Where I can recolor certain things without recoloring everything else?
I like enemies red, allies blue and friendlies green. But that means I can barely touch the colors.

Considering how much stuff they are adding, this should be pretty easy compared to the rest.

Let's organize a protest! We shall hire 3 thousand schoolgirls to block the entryway to their headquarters! Or station! Or wherever they work!
Frontier just needs to recode the UI so we don't have to make INI edits in order to bypass the default ugly orange colored HUD.

INI edits even recolor portraits and everything else... no more excuses to why it "can't" be done. How about some solutions to how it CAN be done?

Oh but "X" is more important to focus on!!! Nope. Everyone sees the UI as bright orange in the game by default- it's THE most important thing at this point over 5+ years later.
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