North American Animals pt. 2

Love the game, that's why I'm here, and I'm dying for new animal packs!
I would be so thrilled to see even one of these animals in a future dlc(s)

North American Animals:

Great Blue Heron (hey, if flamingos are already in the game why not the great blue heron too, plus it helps increase the diversity of birds in the game)
great blue heron.jpg

Manatee (The mechanics can't be too different from the hippo's swimming mechanics, can it?)



Sea Lion (it would be stellar if you added californian sea lions)
california sea lion.jpg


Walrus (Again are swimming mechanics for Seals or Walrus that different from the swimming mechanics already implemented for hippo's?)

Wild Turkey (again, if we have birds such as flamingos and peacocks in the game why not include more large birds such as Wild Turkey "they're the peacocks you can eat!" ...Well, I'm hungry!
wild turkey.jpg

Wolverine (or Hugh Jackman, the guy's a legend and honestly who's complaining about the genre blending?)

(And in due time I'd love to see some aviaries with maybe some bald eagles, golden eagles, or californian condors)
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