Real World Theme Parks NOSTALGIA - Rides and Fun Parks of Yesteryear

Yes it's Granddad here, recapturing some of my youth.

I just thought that it would be nice to see some of the old Fun Fair Attractions and Parks that have now faded into history.

I was born in 1944 near Manchester and spent my childhood during the 1950s when steel coasters were coasters of the future, there were only wooden coasters in those days. Some of the old flat rides of those days, might seem a little tame, of the flat rides of today, but in their own right, they were very popular.

There are still some of these rides operating today and all the Blackpool wooden coasters, date back to the 1920s and all four of them are still running today. I have been rooting around youtube to find some old footage of Rides and Funfair's of yesterday, not all from here in the UK, but from across the pond as well. So I do hope that most of you will enjoy watching them.

Can I suggest that we keep this thread for old rides and not anything built after the 1970s. There is plenty of old video footage on youtube, so if you see anything Nostalgic, please post it here.

Any comments will be welcomed, so for you older guys, if you have any memories of the past, please post them here.

I will start with this, some footage of an old Fun Park in Chigago during the 1950s.

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This is Britain's largest wooden roller coaster built in 1935 and still running today. It is a duelling coaster, the only one ever built in Britain and is named after the famous Grand National horse racing course at Aintree near Liverpool.
The drops and hills are named after some of the fences of the racecourse, such as Valentines Brook, Beecher's Brook, The Chair, and the famous Canal Turn. I have ridden this coaster many times over the past fifty years and rode it last summer. My father rode this coaster when it was brand new back in the 1930s. Enjoy the ride yourself in this video.
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The Swingoplan like attraction. Liseberg our local had one from 40s to early 80s. I had vague memories from seeing it when I was 3-4 years old. My parents rode it back in 60-70s. :)