Not really suggestions, but features/things that are long overdue in this game

Yay, here we go again, let's beat the dead horse one more time.

1º- FDEV fricking gear up your development process, holy poopoo! The game is going to die! Players are fed up with this snail pace, patince is running out.

2º- Being able to aling yourself with minor factions, as well as having a more streamlined process to create one for yourself.

3º- Player/Squadrons inventory.

4º- Players/Squadrons built sations and planetary settlements, this include mining stations, agricultural green houses, tourist atractions, refinary complexes, military bases, mercenary bases, colonies and such and the primary porpuse of these would be to generate money and goods.

5º- If we ever get to manage inventories or be faction leaders, give us the options of running it. Managing finances, expansions, who is to be treated as allies/enemies, give players secutiry vessel status, which goods a specific station is to import/export, which are prohibited, prices of goods, discounts for allied forces, issue specific missions, manage the economy activity the station exercises.

6º- Being able to take over stations and planetary bases as well as destroy it, this would mean get away with the OP lasers stations have.

7º- Give more visibility for squadrons. When the squadrons came out what I was hoping for is that I would see a lot of squadrons with hundreds of players flying, recruiting and such, but in reality I think new players don't even know they exist.

8º- Get a filter on the galaxy map that shows how many commanders there are in a given inhabited system (in open play that is).

9º- New modules/weapons/engineering and special effects as well as SRVs

10º- New ships, the new model kind of ship that is not a modified version of another.

11º- Be able to somehow get acess to settlements that have exclusion zones, as well as give them more functionality other than material farming and missions.

12º- Just like the stations, give planetary bases a lift up on their looks to make each type distinct, just like stations. When I say type I mean it's ecomomic activities.

13º- Just like in the commodities market ad a functionality to search for specific modules in nearby stations and compare prices.

14º- Indexing of booksmarks, as well as changing their collors and increase the capacity.

15º- HUD COLLOR CHANGE! Come on, it's getting ugly for FDEV, there are a lot of other people that figured a way to do it fairly good while FDEV still claim it can't be done properly.

16º- Issue orders for NPCs. My ideia is to try and force a cargo vessels to jettison and specific cargo without having to shoot it, the NPC would have the option to refuse and fight of course. This system could be expanded upon this initial idea.

17º- Remove this idiotic thing where if the cargo hatch is at 0% health it doesn't spill anymore cargo no matter how many limpets you throw at it.

18º- Races (not just with ships), as well as other "career" paths. Main reason for this is the Mamba, it's lore says it was built for racing and is made for speed, but in game that doesn't mean a lot.

19º- Improve the customization system. Create better paintjobs, reduce significally the prices of those vibrant and military packs as they are only basic collor change copied and pasted to every ship that costs you 380 to 620 arx each and free customization should have been in the game from the start. Make it so we can decide the size and where we want to put our decals, ship IDs and ship name.

20º- Put paintjobs on NPC ships, there are already example of this with transpot ships, security and rescue ships, but we can expand. An example would be to give mercenary paintjob and ship kits to mercenary ships.

21º- Create a new type of mission where you have to intercept a transport vessel to hunt for a specific target, variations would be blow up the ship and get rid of the evidences as to make it seem like it disappeared are just got attacked by some unknown pilot to force the vessel to eject your target for collection and delivery at the station.

22º- Another mission type would be an escort one, where you have to ensure the safety of the NPC wing during the whole way.

23º- PVP tournaments, having it's respective wings division and squadrons division.

24º- Give more functionality to multicrew.

25º- The NPC crew should be in the barracks of your ship, you shouldn't have to dock and hope there is a crew lounge to set one active. This regent system doesn't make a lot of sense either, if you carried your crew to a station, changed ships so it went inactive again and went to another station you shouldn't be able to set it active, because well the crew is in the station where you dropped it off. So get rid of this thing or make it so when you set one active they stay active until you swap or set as inactive.

Yeah, for now this is it. Feel free to curse at me for stupid ideas and suggestions, but what I would really like is constructive discussion about them.
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I'd like to see Power alignments mean something... If you're in hostile power space you're hunted by AI of that power, so anarchy space would actually be a route you'd take through hostile powers in the bubble. Ofc maybe engineers would have to reside in anarchy, or maybe you'd just have to navigate hostile territory unless you were unaligned/neutral. Ofc if you're a baller you'd just deal with AI interdictions as a nuisance not really a threat... but as it stands alignment means nothing really except what cool weapons you can get in a few weeks. I can be 'hostile' and fly around unharassed in 'enemy' territory... what? really? pfft...
1º- FDEV fricking gear up your development process, holy poopoo! The game is going to die! Players are fed up with this snail pace, patince is running out.

It takes a lot of time to design a game, but I'm sure any new player will find this game with an excellent life. If I compare with many other games, sometimes an extension of a basic game but several years to be ready.

I understand, I would also like it to go faster, but it's normal for a veteran of this game to have an impression of already seen.

or maybe change the pace of updates, smaller but more often, but it seems to me that it is not possible because of microsoft and xbox.
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I feel I can agree with alot of these changes. These would be very small changes to implement because the current system already has most of the work done. Mainly in terms of the Squadron changes as far as system security and things like that as well as station changes and some nice HUD changes. I understand the work it takes to make a game but I feel a good number of the things mentioned could be done in a small update.
Butler thank god you don’t have my clients then you would starve with that attitude, I get things like that every other week I then go through them and do rough costings. I then issue them to my clients and then we go through what is realistic, and then it gets coded with minimal kickback.

I’m thinking FD should open source the code for ship creation, as they have to have a ship builder app. Then let the community take a shot and then have one of their staff liaise with that section to bring some of them in game.

Same for plots/missions, I would jump at being able to write missions for the game. I’ve written a couple of threads where I’ve broken down Star Wars in to player missions.

Actually I will start a post for that....
A idea for the OP maybe get more detail on your ideas and then post them. They seem to lack that detail.
Let's be realistic, we all know this would never get to FDEV and even if it did and I was the biggest suger bear in the world, the big red rejected stamp would still come my way.
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