Notify player on automatic payment of Community Goal reward

I was recently a bit slow in collecting a couple of Community Goal rewards (the Vitadyne nano-medicines pair of CGs), and the CGs disappeared from both the Nav panel and the CG section of the Missions Board.

I thought I'd lost out on some credits, so I raised a support ticket for the missing credits to be, er, credited to my balance. The responding support analyst was kind enough to reassure me that, if uncollected, CG rewards are automatically paid after two weeks. So I hadn't lost out after all.

So here is my suggestion: use the Comms panel to notify players of automatic payment of any CG rewards after the two-week collection period has expired, in the same way as mission-related messages and rank-promotion messages are received.

Such messages could perhaps include a reminder of the CG, the issuing faction/location, the CG reward amount, the credit balance both pre-payment and post-payment, along with a note of thanks from the issuing faction for the player's contribution.

That way, players could easily see evidence of CG rewards' having been paid instead of merely vanishing from the mission list in the Transactions pane of the Nav panel and the CG section of the Missions Board.
Makes sense.
The only way you could probably miss these notifications is if you don't play for the 30 days a message is kept in your inbox.
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