General / Off-Topic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is Burning

We were in Paris a few years back and missed it for some reason...probably already saw too many things and I could barely walk with my stick at the time... Shame, it's too late now.
I'm there with you. Pulmonary and arthritis.

Last visit was 1985. Always something being rebuilt.
The forecourt of the cathedral will reopen very soon.

At the request of the rector of the cathedral Monsignor Chauvet, a place of meditation will be installed on the forecourt of Notre-Dame, around a reproduction of the statue of the Virgin of the pillar to welcome worshipers and visitors.
On the 850 million euros pledged, only 80 million euros have already been paid by donors.

Only 9% of the pledges for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame, 80 million euros, have been paid for the moment.

The most important donations, promised by the Arnault family and the Pinault family, will be sent little by little, according to the estimate of the reconstruction.

Aaah the money !

The first mass since the fire was celebrated this Saturday.

Celebrated by the Archbishop of Paris, the helmet was obligatory.

About thirty people (half of whom were priests) gathered around the Archbishop of Paris, Msgr. Michel Aupetit.

About rich parents, paying the institutions, to have their kids grades improved. Unlike in this country; where they just pay for, extra private tutoring, instead.
finland got this right: there are no private schools. if you are a rich parent and want the best for your kids, it's in your best interest that public schools are good, for all kids. no wonder they have the best education system in the world.
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