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Hi everyone,

It's November already, can you believe it!? We've got an exciting month ahead ahead of us with some super awesome livestreams. Will Steggs ever 5 star Claire's Sanctuary? Will Stephen ever beat him at a Ranger Race? Will Chanté make another surprise appearance half way through a stream!? All we know is it's shaping up to be an awesome month!

07.11.2019 - THURSDAY 12:00PM UTC
JWE at the Races w/ Steggs and Stephen

21.11.2019 - THURSDAY 12:00PM UTC
Let's Play w/ Steggs

28.11.2019 - THURSDAY 12:00PM UTC
5 Starring Sanctuary w/ Steggs and Chanté

See you in the chat!

Steggs :)
Well I was Right that There wouldn't be a Developer Stream on Frontiers Scheduled Streaming in November, so December is most likely going to have a Developer Stream we won't know yet I'm just going by last year's schedule when the last DLC came out during early December. I just hope this helps everybody know who reads this particular post please don't be so disappointed for November not having a developer stream I was expecting a developer stream possibly coming in December since the Cretaceous pack came out during around this time in December.
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Maybe it could be something to with the (rumoured) 1993 DLC story pack.
I think it's probably a bit safer to assume Steggs is busy and couldn't find anyone to fill in for him for the 14th.

Also, the Thursdays this month are multiples of 7, which pleases me.
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