November Streaming Schedule

Chante Goodman

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Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for joining us in the last Wednesday evening livestream. We had such a blast with you all, and got to take a trip down memory lane. It was lovely to reminisce with you all. We will be continuing to stream on Tuesdays, and hope you will join us for the Planet Zoo Wednesday evening livestreams!

TUESDAY 05/11/2019 12PM UTC

Planet Zoo launch day! We will be streaming Planet Zoo to celebrate!

TUESDAY 12/11/2019 12PM UTC

Let's Play with Chanté and Stephen

TUESDAY 19/11/2019 12PM UTC

Anniversary Stream with Bo, Chanté and Producer Lloyd Morgan-Moore

TUESDAY 26/11/2019 12PM UTC

Let's Play with Chanté and Paige

Looking forward to seeing you in the chat!

Anniversary stream. Maybe there will be some news then on an update for the anniversary if there is one. I guess we just have to sit tight, wait, and hope for the best.
If there is one:sneaky:. Why would there be activity on steam db then. This will either be a bug fix or a content update. But since it seems to be finished looking at the steam db and is being hold back. I guess we'll see some kind of advertisement soon. I don't think they will do NOTHING for the anniversary:unsure:.
If they do release any more bug fixes I wish they would fix the bug that still persists of the game taking too long to save the park. It didn't used to be like that before the toolkit.
Well.. was confirmed by Paul and Co that there is no planned update to announce... But at least we get an anniversary stream that may contain some sort of news...

My guess is that the anniversary update will be just that.. an update.. no new content but QoL, bugs and optimisations.... They have too much going on with PZOO at the mo..
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Marketing for dlc is very poor. Even if they're working on a dlc, they wont give any notice untill a few days before release...

That's sad and stupid. It could end up with "They released a new dlc, last year?".

Just telling that there's something in the works with a description of what we could expect in general, would make a huge difference.
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