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npcs bugged


All of the time (100% reproducible)

Area of Game Affected

i wish i could select more than 1 area cause its not just rides anyways tons of npcs go to certain flat ride and not the other flat rides, janitors are not cleaning and engineers take too long of time to even get to any rides that are broken down and tons of npcs go to the car ride but hardly anybody goes to the train and nps go to certain shops that are open and other shops that are open are not getting any customers and i got lot of bins in the park but npcs still throw trash on ground.

Steps to Reproduce
1 hardly anybody goes to the train
2 tons of ppl go to car ride
3 some flat ride tons of ppl go to and some flat rides nobody goes on
4 some shops get a lot of npcs while other shops don't get anybody
5 janitors are not going to areas that need to be clean unless you add another 1 to that area
6 engineers are taking too long to go to the rides that are broken down to fix them


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
This looks like several reports in one.

Please can you split each issue into a separate report and include detailed information about each one, including videos and/or screenshots to illustrate the problems?