Anyone play this?

"Observation is a sci-fi thriller uncovering what happened to Dr. Emma Fisher, and the crew of her mission, through the lens of the station’s artificial intelligence S.A.M."

As a fan of sci-fi and AIs in general, this looks right up my alley. I think I could go for a story-focused puzzle game where I get to play as a slightly messed up HAL
I picked this up, as it's pretty cheap right now during the Epic sale. Only played about a half hour or so but that's enough for me to recommend it for the twelve bucks it'll set you back. It's extremely atmospheric and the story has me hooked. Even if I only play it once I think that's a good price for an engaging sci-fi story.
I'm really tempted but I'm neck deep in other games right now and ankle deep in time. Everything I've read suggests it is well worth playing though.
Finished it.

The ending was a let-down, honestly. It felt like bat-guano craziness masquerading as depth. I was buying into the plot up until the last act when it really became obvious the writers were buffing and didn't have any mind-blowing hand to reveal. The ride up to that point was great, though. I do wish your own character (the AI) were better developed. The main character really was Fisher and you're playing a minor role to her. That's understandable as she's the human and you need that emotional anchor for the story, but they could have found a way to make the computer be more interesting. It's obviously taking inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but HAL 9000 had more depth than your character here imho.

Replay value is low, of course. Once you've seen the story that's it.

Still worth the $12 though.


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Definitely in my wish list. Although I wished I hadn’t read that final act let down comment! 🙃
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