ObsidianAnt: 3305 Elite Dangerous - Raxxla Found, Anaconda "Sold Out", Panther Clipper Too Big

Excellent, and not at all an April fool. The key sequence is correct, I've been to Raxxla and back, in my free Anaconda - and came back in a Panther Clipper with the Anaconda in one of its eight fighter bays. It seems that the Panther Clipper is only available to those with an LEP, so some may be disappointed.
The only gripe I have with Raxxla is just how expensive it is to transfer ships there, it makes ship transfers to colonia look like a bargain o_O
CMDR Thrust from Bradford found Raxxla first, after Chuck Norris punched him so hard in the face that he flew to the next galaxy.

Therefore all in this thread and video is fake news.
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