Obtaining Fleet Carriers

From initial impressions, it appears as though the Fleet Carriers are going to be massive vessels with facilities to rival some small orbital outposts. Obviously the construction and outfitting of such a large structure is going to require substantial amounts of raw materials as well as manufactured components. I for one, sincerely hope that the acquisition of a Fleet Carrier by an individual commander or group of commanders will require some time and in-game effort to achieve rather than simply requiring a considerable credit balance. Might I humbly suggest that existing game play mechanics be used to acquire the requisite materials for a Fleet Carrier.

1) Commander chooses a system with a carrier shipyard and creates a contract with the local authorities for construction of a fleet carrier.
2) Commander pays a deposit (some significant fraction of the anticipated cost). Additional funds for construction can be acquired through donations or squadron contributions.
3) These funds are then used to issue missions from nearby space ports to acquire the resources and manufactured goods required to construct the carrier.
4) Any pilot can accept and complete these missions and receive payment from the allocated pool of funding.
5) Carrier construction progresses as resources are delivered to the ship yard or nearby space ports.
6) When all resources have been acquired and ship construction completes, then the carrier will be ready to launch from dry dock.

Local market prices may fluctuate depending on demand, especially if many carriers are being built locally. So the final price may vary. If the funding dries up, then no more missions can be issued. Construction on the carrier must halt when the available pool of resources are all used up. Additional funding can be provided by the original commander, or by other commanders through donations or squadron contributions. If the fleet carrier is intended for use by a squadron, then there should be an option in the squadron interface to contribute funds to its construction (as well as displays showing the total progress of construction, remaining resource requirements, etc.). Being able to actually see the progress of the construction at the ship yards would be an awesome bonus.

If this works out well, then perhaps a similar process can be worked out for constructing planetary bases. (Please see this post for more details.)
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