Occulus Go

Is Occulus Go a viable VR experience in Elite?
or Occulus Quest?
If they're 'all in one' with no need for a PC, how do they work with ED?

Apologies if they're noob questions, but I know nothing about VR, & not that much about PCs.
Unless anyone has any other information, I would bet the (Oculus Go: Snapdragon 821/ Quest: Snapdragon 835) processor won't have the computing power to run ED. To put it in perspective, the charger for a Quest is 15W, yet my i5 is 65W and my GPU 160W.

So it is unlikely that you won't be able to access ED from the Oculus store for these products. Why would Frontier/Oculus want you to suffer a sub-par experience?

That doesn't mean they won't always be unsupported, I'm sure some enterprising individual will find a way to hook them up as an external PC display and link ED to them (e.g. Trinus for PSVR etc), and who knows, they say the future of gaming is streaming over the cloud so maybe Frontier/Google/Oculus/??? could find a way to get ED running in a server rack and stream direct to your less powerful headset.

Also, EDs control schemes really need accuracy (and a lot of buttons), which I'm not sure you are going to get out of the limited inputs of the controllers.
ED doesn't have an Android version, so it's not possible to run it directly on any of these Android-based headsets.

However, it is possible to run Elite on a PC and use third-party apps to connect an Android VR headset. There's a thread about the Go already, it's supposed to be a decent experience for the price.

Yodebe I've been using the Go with ED for about a year. The go has decent clarity and minor sde so I'm satisfied with the image. Of course its only 3dof but not a deal breaker in a sitting sim.
I'm using ALVR, its a open source remote VR display for the go. It is designed to work with steam vr. You have to side load it on your go. Find the files on Github

Keep in mind you need a good 5ghz AC wifi router to stream that much data.
ALVR has some good setting sliders for bitrate, resolution and buffer size. You can tweak it and get it just right.
And hardwire your PC to the router helps also. Reduces wifi traffic.

I also heard that the ALVR developer is going to make a Quest version. Possibly with 6dof?
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