October Livestream Schedule

Bo Marit

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Hi coaster friends!

October is here, with its gorgeous autumnal colours and chilly winds. Are you enjoying any nice pumpkin spiced lattes or pre-Halloween planning?

Our month is looking pretty busy, so here’s a quick update on this month’s livestreaming schedule:

Our regular 7PM Wednesday streams will be as follows:

03/10/2018 – Creator Spotlight with Floss (YouTube)
10/10/2018 – No livestream!
17/10/2018 – World's Fair Showcase with Bo and Rob Chisholm (YouTube)
24/10/2018 – No livestream!
31/10/2018 – Halloween Special (YouTube)​

The Twitch Let’s Plays will start again in November; we will publish a more detailed schedule towards the end of the month.

See you in the chat!
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Thanks for the schedule, Bo! I know that it’s appreciated by forum members to know in advance about the upcoming livestreams.

Nice to see that you’re going to host one again soon :D

See you in the chat! :rex::face:


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Thank you Bo.

So that means no update this month it seems... [sad]
or they do it on another stream as they did with the previous dlc. we dont know a thing. guess we just have to wait and see and be exited :D
The Halloween Special Livestream could be the official announcement and presentation for the next DLC. I don't think that's an Spooky 2.0 Pack, though. But Halloween could be nevertheless the right night to present a new DLC. ;)

P.s: Thx for the infos @Bo [up]

Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager
My guess is the DLC will be the 10th and the 24th will be the update.
The free 1.8 update and the DLC are the same thing, as in, they will release on the same day under 1.8!

More information on the new Pack will come soon, just hold on a little longer [heart]
I could imagine that we see a trailer of th DLC tonight in the stream. Just like they have it done with the first trailer of the vintage pack.

Edit: Bo was faster!
I'm thinking the new DLC will be showcased on either Oct 10th or 24th. As for the Halloween Special live stream I think that would be more in line for showcasing Halloween stuff created by the community. Just my thought
I could imagine that we see a trailer of th DLC tonight in the stream. Just like they have it done with the first trailer of the vintage pack.
O dear, just when I started cooling down I read this post [happy]
RIght at the end, a quick short trailer, yep, you could be right.

Edit: although : I just remembered I read Paul saying specifically there would be no announcement today, so that includes those black and white trailers. Have to wait a bit longer still.
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Thanks for sharing the schedule Bo. I'm looking forward to seeing you on 17th. It's going to be like the good old days :)


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LIVESTREAM: Creator Spotlight with Floss


Featured in this livestream:

Hanging Gardens of Babylon by Floss

The Midas Touch (water coaster) by Floss

Ghost Train (compact Gnarler) by Floss

Weather Machine (Helion Ring) by Floss

The Crow (wing coaster) by Floss

The Drunken Sailor by Floss

The Night Circus by Floss

Want to see more of Floss? Visit her Steam Workshop.
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