Greetings commanders. My name is thedoctor_500 (kiddo279) the comander of ODTK. We are a small group of Commanders with pvp, pve, and bgs in mind. The order of the knights was created by kiddo279 to fight back against the pirate infestation (pvp and pve alike) to keep space safe for commanders like yourself. new and old. Today we keep to our original task but we have also began other avenues of play. We are currently active on ps4 but looking to broaden ourselves to other platforms. We are welcoming almost all to join our order and family. Harmless to the elite. Traders, explorers, bounty Hunters, and more!we only have a few rules.
1: No pirating of npcs or players. 2: No toxic or unsavory behavior (what you do is a reflection of the squadron) These are the important ones. A few more are located on the discord and squadron page.
Please join our recruitment discord if you are interested or if discord isn't available messages our Senior Officers(psn/inara/discord names below) if you interested in helping us grow and become something new and better.
Senior Officers
PSN/Inara: thedoctor_500 / Discord: thedoctor_500#1248
Psn/Inara: Deadmanrevival / Discord: Victor Bladesmith#3795
Psn/Inara: LMSLukestar_247 / Discord: LMSLukestar_247#2992
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