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Greetings Commanders.


Now just need to hope what these are intended to be get's communicated in the

Not completely unexpected with the console release delay, never really expected it in "Fall 2021" even before all of this happened. I also wouldn't be surprised to hear in a couple of months that it can't be brought to console and will be a PC-only experience. Hoping that's not the case, but I'm a pessimist.
I'm actually really happy about this, even though predominantly a console player. It's nice to see this level of commitment from the man at the top. Well done on making the hard decisions and deciding to stick with Elite and fix it!! Very pleased with this news.
Thanks for the update, David. Hopefully the team recognizes that we wouldn't be so "disgruntled" if we didn't care about and evangelize the product so much ourselves. Hopefully bug and stability fixes aren't where Odyssey's development ends. I'd like to second the call to please be polite and respectful to the CMs, especially those here active on the forums day to day. They may not tell us what we want to hear but I do believe they're telling us what they can. Hostile or personal remarks directed at them won't help.
Well with sorry heat and no words can explain how the devs and community team have treated everyone who loves elite as myself but I'm at the point where I dont wanna play the game I loved so much and now I'm at a loss I hope you can save the game but I feel it will all be in vain as the damage is done and it's a big one so for this I'm sorry for the game and its current state . Such a shame . o7 fly safe


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Thanks for the update David. Appreciate it and the hard work that you guys are doing at FDEV to make things better.
Sounds positive, core systems and gameplay needs massively improving before you release on new platforms anyway, so the work done now on PC will still be useful for future revenue streams.

If I was going to put some feature requests in

1) Ground attack missions
2) More SRVs for different purposes, NPC only SRVs for things like air defence.
3) Exploration / Salvage hybrid gameplay (exploring planets, breaking into abandoned alien bases to recover artifacts)
4) Get rid of zero atmosphere silencers, you must realise why it's silly that weapons must be silenced in a vaccume
5) Exploration needs some actual gameplay
6) Mining, there is no hand mining.
7) Engineering needs to be made more plesent to do, its quite difficult to complete missions with tier 1 kit.
DBOBE specifically mentioned new features and new development that will be highlighted during the development updates.

I think thats good enough for the time being. As to what's being planned afterwards, I think it's best they sort out the console launch before deciding that.
It's not that easy, just to say things are comming - we have been through this road last month. Remember the first Road Map? The Developers Update 1? - Same format, lots of promisses before hand, and than very little in reality.

So far it's just more promises and time stalling.
Greetings Commanders.

With the release of Update 5 on 1st July plus a few smaller server updates since, and Update 6 currently in development, I wanted to take a moment of your time to talk about the next steps for Elite Dangerous.

We are aware and fully accept the frustration that many of our players have had with their experience of Elite Dangerous Odyssey. The community have spoken, we have heard the feedback clearly and we will act on that feedback.

As you may remember in our recent development article, the significant amount of updates and development effort that has been done to fix and improve issues since the launch of Odyssey has meant work on our console release has not progressed as quickly as we had hoped. What’s more, we can see that the strides we have made through the last five major updates are positive, but we must continue on with this progress to give the experience that you and we expect on PC.

With those things in mind, we have spent a lot of time discussing and re-evaluating our previous plans and we have made the decision to prioritise the core PC experience for Elite Dangerous. Ultimately, we believe it is right to focus our efforts on the core Elite Dangerous Odyssey experience for the platforms that we have released on, before opening up to more. We know that the work that we do to improve players’ experiences of Elite Dangerous Odyssey on PC will benefit other platforms in the future, but the dates and details of the console platforms are going to change. We do not want to rush into confirming any dates or changes this has on our console release, as we must remain fully focused on the core Elite experience. Only when we feel that the foundation of the PC release is solid, will we be able to re-lay our console roadmap on top.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey is an important step on a complicated journey, and we must get this right, before we can consider moving on to these new platforms.

So what does this actually mean for Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous Odyssey?

It means that we will see more game updates over the coming months. We will continue to work through Issue Tracker, fix bugs and improve performance, but we will also be able to explore and add additional features, content and improvements into the game.

We will continue to give open monthly development updates where we discuss WIP content, challenges, the issue tracker and more. We know that the previous levels of detail for the roadmap and developer update have not met expectations, but we are grateful for your patience while we shift and adjust plans, in the face of such clear feedback.

Please remember that our team here at Frontier are working hard to support the game and our community. Behind every bug fix, design decision and community post is a person who cares a lot about giving our players best possible experience. I would ask that everyone remains calm and respectful when sharing their thoughts and feedback.

We all have the same goal and we will get there, together. Please bear with us.

o7 Commanders.
I don't mean this in a rude way, but given the state of Odyssey isn't this path the only real option available to you right now anyway? You can't really work on a console release until the build is a lot more stable. Whilst I appreciate you acknowledging that this is where your priorities must lie, I do feel a little bit handled announcing it as though it's a choice you're making for our benefit.
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