Odyssey Plus, Elite and god rays??

Hey Guys,

I am wondering to those who have an Odyssey plus are the god rays bad for you in Elite dangerous.. I have them so bad it is almost unplayable.. I was wondering if maybe it was my lens'

I did when I first got it, took off the built in padding (for comfort reasons) which got my eyes closer to the lense and it's not nearly as bad.

Also, when I centre the headset at the start of a session a sit back slightly, means when I then sit normally I get a little less glare from the cockpit lighting.
Well I think the root of the god rays are the Fresnel lenses.. I am wondering why they use the Fresnal lenses if they cause so much god rays?

Would it be better to use just a regular lens? I know there is a mod for Vive to switch the lenses is there anything for the Odyssey plus to be able to switch lenses out.
All the first generation Fresnels had really bad rays.

Fresnels are much easier to correct for distortion and chromatic aberration without introducing multiple elements that is why they are used.

Rays are now a thing of the past in second gen HMDs - the Rift S is a shining example.
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