ANNOUNCEMENT Odyssey: Update on VR and Ship Interiors

Greetings Commanders!

We hope you enjoyed our first dev diary release and stream. It was our pleasure to bring you the latest news on Odyssey and needless to say we can't wait to share more info around further locations, missions, combat and more in further episodes over the coming months.

We are aware that there are a lot of questions across the community and while we will be bringing a more detailed FAQ for these very soon we felt it was right to update you on a couple of the most discussed topics in the Elite Community at this time, specifically around VR in Odyssey, and ship interiors.

VR and Elite Dangerous Odyssey

We understand that our VR players are keen to know more about how the transition and gameplay will work in Odyssey in VR. With that in mind, we would like to share our current plan for how that will work.
In Odyssey, players will be able to fly down to planets, fly through atmospheres and drive along planet surfaces in their SRVs - all while remaining in VR.

When disembarking your ship or SRV, players will be presented with a projected flat game screen in their VR headset in order to continue on foot. Players will of course be able to remove headsets if they so choose, but this will not be a requirement to continue your adventure.

There will be no requirement to boot between Horizons and Odyssey in order to continue your journey.
We understand that VR is a big part of Elite Dangerous and is a feature that holds a dedicated and passionate community. However, we do strongly believe that VR should only be enabled for on foot gameplay when we have an experience that truly matches the same quality bar that we set for cockpits. That said, we do hope that this implementation will allow our VR players the best possible transition between their VR experience and exploration on foot.

Ship Interiors

Another topic we know players keen for more information on is around ship interiors, and we wanted to clarify our current position on this.

While Odyssey will see players explore a wide range of on and off world locations including station interiors, ship interiors will not be included at launch.

We understand that the bond between Commander and starship is incredibly strong and know this will disappointing news for some. However, we believe it is right to invest our development time in locations and features which offer the most meaningful experience and gameplay for all players. Rest assured that Odyssey will offer a great variety of long requested locations to explore, both on land and in space, which we'll be sharing more details around very soon.

As always, we value and appreciate your passion and feedback and cannot wait to share more with you.

Thanks for taking on board the VR players concerns..... Perhaps it was because of our whining.... Perhaps it wasn't and this was always on the cards but either way this is a big step in the right direction.
Full game in VR but projected space legs on a cinema screen is exactly how I hoped a minimal VR implementation would be.

That said please don't give up on the next stage and I hope it is something which will be updated after launch.
Many thanks
Well that would have made last night's show more interesting rather than being smited by the twitch gods.

Still, I quite like the VR solution as a stop gap.

The ship interiors, I'm not that bothered with them to be honest. Yes, it would be nice to walk around your ship (like that 'Other' game) but if it was a choice between walking around your ship and walking around on planets, give me planets every time.
When disembarking your ship or SRV, players will be presented with a projected flat game screen in their VR headset in order to continue on foot. Players will of course be able to remove headsets if they so choose, but this will not be a requirement to continue your adventure.

Will the projection support head tracking from the HMD? I assume so otherwise things could get quite vomity for some.
Reasonable iteration.

Disappointing about the ship interiors of course, but great news on station interiors, and open-ended enough to imply it's planned for a little further down the line.

Excuse me for being a little pessimistic for a moment, but I hope that isn't going to turn into another Horizons thing - where we had landable planets at launch but no expansion on that concept for years. I'd rather not have to wait another five years to explore the ship, so I hope the implication is that ship interiors will come within a reasonable time after launch (debatable what a "reasonable time" is, but I'd hope within the first year).

Anyway, that's enough of that. Thank you for the update, can't wait to see more.
It's a compromise but I don't think I will be purchasing until it gets full VR support on foot as well. Hello Games surprised the VR world by delivering a full VR experience. I had assumed that this would have demonstrated to space game devs what was achievable. If you do deliver a full VR experience down the line then I guess I may get back into the game. I know my VR using friends who previously purchased ED won't be happy with the compromise experience.
This is good news, I decided that I would not buy dlc "at launch" , i have no desire to buy horizons 2.0 , its almost same as horizons original:
SRV/Legs and just a bit new planets , it will be funny if person will just teleport from ship to planet on legs.
Very very disappointing, considering they have been working on this project for the better part of 5+ years and had it in the pipeline for even longer... The ship interiors would not have been 'tacked on' as many have said, if they had planned them in they would have been part of the whole development process. No one asked for walking on planets, we all asked (or rather all wanted what we had originally been promised) to walk around our ships and stations... Something which they have completely left out. Just goes to show how out of touch they are with their player base.
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