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Brett C

Hi all,

With all of the events happening in the world recently, I wanted to reiterate our standings on the off-topic forums regarding politics and world events. The moderation team reserves the final say on the matter, including skipping advisories and issuing infractions to halt such behavior listed below. Using the off-topic forum to post any of the following is strictly forbidden.

If your post/thread contains content that is...
  • disruptive,
  • unlawful,
  • threatening,
  • abusive,
  • harassing,
  • defamatory,
  • vulgar,
  • obscene,
  • racially, religiously, ethnically or otherwise objectionable,
  • invasive of privacy or publicity rights,
  • abusive,
  • disparaging, and/or
  • illegal.

Your post will be removed and will be moderated accordingly.

Above all else, yes, we do permit our off-topic forum to be used for political discussions so long as its respectful and constructive. Remember, debate the subject, not the person.
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Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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