Oh YESSS, Frontier store Master Trolls

Maybe because a spoiler is not needed in space? *scratches head*
This basically ^

Space is such a place, one could, in theory fly an umbrella backwards and not have it turn inside out because there are no air molecules to pass as resistance. A spoiler designed to be aerodynamic in an atmosphere has no real practical purpose in space...its just eye candy and another excuse to get caught in toaster racks ^
Duh, guys... Please...

Its all in preparation for atmospheric landings, and Gas planets..


Of course that's why you need two on the same ship :D

seriously though the amount of flack given to frontier for putting a spoiler on the default model of the type 10 by the usual you tube and forum crowd and rhey respond by giving you the option to have a double winged spoiler. That's gold right there
Unless the "small content update" in Q2 are atmospheric planets?

I so hate optimistic people...I just wanna reach out and choke them with two hands around their throat to wake them up to the misery of reality. Now if we could gather up some corpses and tie them to the spoiler like some sorta 3rd millenial little boy racer in his blinged out ride, that would be a cool use and remind me of that bit in Serenity when passing through Reaver territory...
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