Okay, I have a few ideas for the game

1. Fun fair stalls. Games and lottery stalls. (coin toss, throw balls, toy-horse betting, "fishing", darts)
2. Cotton candy,
3. Once or twice a day event theater. people can buy tickets to the show all day with no queue.
4. Research a very small scooter or bikes. something for people to rent or for the technician to get by faster at longer distances, so the bike or scooter rental is connected to the road itself. Maybe a two-wheeled electric vehicle like the segway? - And drop of points so they can get rid their rentals easy.
5. Smaller rides, like one user at a time rides. example,A single plane tilting in a fixed position.
6. A ghost house attraction
7. House of mirrors attraction
8. Upside down house attraction
9. Possibility to edit the balloon shapes sold in shops
10. Mini golf. And I think this is a important one! Would be really awesome to design a minigolf course in my park
11. Zip-lining
12. Digital animals. Exotic birds, gorillas, Shark/fish tank (also aquarium tunnel)
(Note. not real animals! Just digital ones, they are welcome in my virtual PlanetCoaster park.)
13. Free walk. I haven't figured out how to walk freely in the park in first person camera mode. Is it possible? I would like to live my park.
14. VR feature. you are probably already working on it
15. Tables and chairs to extend a food shop's area. It would be nice to make a restaurant with tables outside by the water
16. A roundabout or something for I have a lot of trouble with the road connections.
17. Towerstairs for queues
18. Paddle boats
19. Go-Cart tracks with custom design
20. Mini cars for kids. with custom design.

Just let me know if you like them or have any questions
As a pedestrian who has walked many, many pavements with (unlawful and often speedy) bikers on them I would have to vote against number 4 on your list. It is a very annoying thing in reality. (I've even been hit in the back by a biker)

I've read somewhere that eating at tables is probably coming, as well as go-karts [happy]