Oktoberfest DLC

I would like to see a Oktoberfest DLC get added to Planet Coaster. Here is what I would like to see included in this DLC. Please add anything else you would think would be great for this DLC.
  1. Beer Stand
  2. Polka Bands
  3. More German Food
  4. Barrel of Fun flat ride and some more flat rides from Germany (picture below)


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I think they cannot reference alcohol without the age rating of the DLC being higher than the game. They changed a sign that was in the alpha that referenced alcohol ( in pirate theme), for this reason. It's a cool idea though.
Well, the ride you pictered above is certainly nowhere to be found on a German fair/Oktoberfest.
And Polka is not a German as well. This could be quite the cliché mish-mash...but that´s what Munichs Oktoberfest has become anyway.
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