Old Country's Planet Zoo Bingo 2

Hey yall this is the YouTuber Old Country and earlier today I uploaded a video about a fun little game I'm starting to gather more excitement around the potential new Planet Zoo Update and DLC. (Video can be found below). We had over 200 people in the end participating in the Planet Zoo Bingo so I knew that I just had to do it again for the Christmas Season Update and DLC. It has many different spots that include potential things that might be said in a stream or revealed in the update or DLC. If you wish to play check out the video to find out more about the rules otherwise links to everything will be posted below. Below you can see an image of an example bingo card. I wish yall good luck if you wish to play along! - Old Country

Planet Zoo 1.12 Bingo Example.jpg
I didn't play last time, but now I'm in. So the bingo card is generated automatically on the link, right? I don't have to fill in the text in the squares myself.
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