Older gamer adaptations / not as fast as we used to be.

Recapturing your youth?
How is that going?

I was excited to install the beta, I have voice attack, an old game pad (being replaced), track IR5, power grid, and an old springy dell keyboard.

My relearning the keyboard / game-pad buttons is going along fairly well, but I have little doubt that If I encounter someone else with the same ship I would be the one that looses.

I'm not as fast as I used to be.

I dont play the twitch games, the last I played similar to this was 'Dark Star One', and that ship has auto aim turrets.

I'm not pursuing a 'softening' of elite for us older crowd, I am wondering what manner of adaptations that have been used to make up for the slower reactions.


The gimble's are essential, even if they are lower class weapons.
I am OK with this. I expect my centering will improve the longer I play elite, but I will be satisfied with weaker weapons until I can.

Voice attack
It runs macros and can talk back. you can shout 'evade' and it can run a multi key script that you dont have time to.

Track IR
useful, but I have it off via voice attack as much as on. 'centering' is a nice thing to have assigned in voice attack.

This has the help of high visibility. keys and macros are assigned to zones on a pad or phone.

It can run macros. My particular game-pad has problems with the sticks, and I use joytopad for this, but the program is capable of running multi key macros, and various shift states.

and the sidewinders manual open to the keyboard commands open on a second display.

.. there is nothing in my list that wouldn't simplify someone young enough to keep up with the game, but it helps me for sure.

What more might I try?

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