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Hello CMDRs,

I'm toying with the idea of a GPU upgrade, namely a GTX2070 (or, if I can persuade Mrs. Tyres, a GTX2080ti but they may prove an Elite combat scenarion) but my mobo is somewhat old now, a ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. X99-PRO (SOCKET 2011). I've practiced my Google-Fu and had an epic fail. These cards may be overkill for ED but I like power.

The rest of my system comprise:

i7 5820k o/c to 4.4ghz on air
Sounblaster Z
Corsair RMi1000 (1KW)
Two optical drives
Win 10 Pro

On the other hand, Bottlenecker says my GPU is too weak for my CPU and says I should upgrade to a Titan X. Yeah! Not happening!

The site is pretty goof to say the least. It told me my last machine would have a big bottleneck between the CPU and GPU yet the system seemed to run fine and play games well.

I say buy the card and let the pixels sort it out. :D
Even the newest GPUs are physically and electrically compatible with boards upwards of 10+ years old, including most every LGA-2011-3/X99 board.

A 5820K @ 4.4GHz isn't going to be a bottleneck for much of any game, unless you are targeting extreme frame rates.

I use a 4.2GHz 5820K with an overclocked 1080 Ti and I'm entirely GPU limited in ED.

Well, TheBottlenecker.com says your CPU is too weak for your proposed GPU (using the 2080ti, no 2070 option on the site. I also guessed at you having DDR3 RAM since you said it was an older board.) but what do they know?
LGA-2011-3 is DDR4 and a 4.4GHz on a 5820K is more than a 30% overclock.
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Cheers - of course, I meant the RTX line; apologies for my fat fingers!

As you can see below, the RAM is DDR4 while the shot from Speccy shows the CPU is 3.3ghz but all 6 cores are at 4.4. Time to check the spondoolics situation :D

Thanks again.

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