Olympus Trading Corporation Cmdr Vacancies

Olympus Trading Corporation (OTC1)

Cmdr Vacancies for Rookies and Veterans,

Olympus Trading Corporation(OTC1) is a small Elite Squadron involved in mining, trading, pirate-hunting, Wing missions, Combat missions, System Expansion and optional Powerplay operation. Based out of Noti at Weber Gateway a Coriolis Starport, 74Ls from a Scoopable white Star(Galactic coordinates: R: 89.598 / l: 246.458 / b: 28.544), We are expanding our influence & control over a collection of systems near Noti on behalf of the Felicia Winters of the Galactic Federation, ( Inara for squadron standing Inara Profile).
OTC is a collection of Pilots that connect for Social, Fun & Enjoyment of the ever-growing Elite Dangerous Horizons Universe, Whether you’re joining to undertake a specific mission to develop your Career or helping other Cmdrs to progress and ultimately progress Olympus Trading Corp; You’re Welcome. Join us on an English speaking Discord.com…. our OTC in-house communication and Admin suite, With Command & Wing Chat channels, persistence forum, mail, file-share and Diplomatic services (just ask for an invite from your ships comms or click-on-link) BUT Discord IS NOT MANDATORY and the in-Ship communication & chat is more than enough to communicate with other OTC Squadron Officer & Employees. Pilots will be part of a progressive & developing knowledge of Elite Dangerous Horizons along with long-term & Ad hoc Commanders making us a Vibrant collection of Commanders and Personalities...
So Whether it’s Missioning, Combat, Exploration, Profit, Alien Hunting and/or PowerPlay, Remember,.....

“ IT’s a big Void and there’s a Star waiting for your name”....O7

Olympus Trading Corp,
Senior Officer:Cmdr Penfolde....O7.

Useful Links
Elite Dangerous Frontier Forum
Discord www.Discord.com
Elite Dangerous Codex ( players Codex Resource Site) http://edcodex.info/
Elite Dangerous Fandom Wiki https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Elite_Dangerous_Wiki
Inara (Players Resource Site) https://inara.cz/
EDDB (Player Resource Site) https://eddb.io/
Felicia Winters Wiki https://elite-dangerous.fandom.com/wiki/Felicia_Winters
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