On Ride Photos

Vista points are the replacements of photo points. Peeps pop out their phones to make pictures there sometimes.

On ride photo's would be cool yes. (y)
I didn't know that. But what I meant is my Avatar making a picture there which I can see (saved in a map on my computer), just like in RCT3. In this map you also found onride pictures of your avatar (or group). I also mis that feature of creating a group or family.
I 1 up this, It would be soo good to have on-ride photos, and that flash as well when the train goes past
It´s simple things like this that added so much fun in the original RCT. Placing the photo spot on the coaster, haveing the flashlights go off and peeps buying the prints was such a simple but fun idea!
Now we have all this Tamagotchi nonsense like security guards and surveillance cameras. Where is the fun in that?
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