On the Horizon - 2.3 The Commanders Beta Livestreams

Hi everyone,

This week we’ve got two awesome livestreams planned for you, on Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM GMT.

You won’t want to miss either of them, as we’ll be showing you in-game footage from 2.3 The Commanders for the very first time. On Tuesday at 7PM GMT we’ll be showing off the Commander Creator and the Vanity Camera, as well as covering some of the other features coming to 2.3.
On Thursday at 7PM GMT we’ll bring a host of Frontier Developers together to show off Multicrew in action and have some fun together.

So turn up to our official YouTube channel on Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM GMT for your first ever look at 2.3 The Commanders LIVE!

Oh, and here’s a sneak peek of just one of the things we’ll be showing on Tuesday. Have a good day Commanders. :D

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Where can we post our questions related to the new content, assuming you're going to it the usual way and have questions answered during the stream?
She have SPACE LEGS!

Thank to God she have also a bust. In that crazy world of political corectness everything may happen.. or rather disappear.

I have hope for fish-eye filter.
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I know it's really difficult to do in games but I really wish the face render was more realistic to align with the quality of rendering with the ships, planets etc...maybe a little less matt, maybe some reflection due to sweat or something...it's good don't get me wrong, just not great

Looking forward to the beta!! Maybe once I see it in game I'll be a lot more impressed
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Robert Maynard

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Looking forward to the streams, Ed - anticipation increasing.... :D

.... and the Zoom / Focus / Blur / DOF / Hide UI controls look interesting on the VanityCam™!
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Hmm...liking the new camera options...DOF toggle? nice

Looking forward to all the little surprises I'm sure are to come out in the coming livestreams...and the following forum response to those surprises :D
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