One big question about Jurassic World Evolution's supposed affiliation

There is one big question I am wondering, and I need help with it.

Q: Is Jurassic World Evolution truly affiliated and/or connected to Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis?:S

Yes, I understand that both games are both Jurassic theme park business management simulators within the same media franchise, but I see pretty much no confirmation of any connection or so fourth between the two games. All I see is a video game standing in its own right with just a similar idea within the fictional media series.

And get this: Everything, in terms of JWE's non-in-film lore dinosaurs, are made to be original with Universal Studios' help from all other Jurassic Park series games because they confirmed they (the development team) are not associated with any of the other Jurassic games, even if there may have been possible tiny selected exceptions like the inclusion of the Troodon's poisonous bite or the inclusion of the hybrids, Ankylodocus and Spinoraptor.
There is zero affiliation between Jurassic World Evolution and Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis beyond being part of the Jurassic Park/World franchise.

Frontier have never stated that JWE is an official sequel to JPOG.

Ankylodocus and Spinoraptor are concepts from Universal that were originally for the Brawlasaurs toy line, and subsequently appeared in the Ludia games. You probably won't ever see 100% Ludia-made hybrids like Koolasaurus in JWE.
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