Only a construction simulation?

First. Sorry for my english is it not so good.

I see alltime very nice information how to build a coaster park.
But I missing more infomations how I manage this coaster park.

Construction: AAA [up]
InGame graphic: AAA [up]
Economic management: ??? [weird]
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Alpha is not the complete finished game. There will be more additions (such as the business management) to be added in an update due in the next few weeks. And of course there will be even more to come in the full release later this year, and possibly even more add-ons after that. This Alpha is still a work in progress, as clearly stated here - Everything you need to know about the Planet Coaster alpha
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Economic management is not incorporated in the Alpha yet, that's why you haven't read anything about it so far. I'd guess it's still to come.
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