[OOC] Jon Rita's Space Quest (OPEN)


I wondered about the game and its content: would it be possible to "live" the story in Elite Dangerous without all the third party tools and web sites and out of game information? A lot of things I only found with my original account by reading on the forums, reading on websites, getting information through discord. And the game outside the game (the decrypting of the hints, processing information from within the game outside of the game), however cool, is not my game. I would like to have all this stuff inside the game!

So I finally gave in and bought a second account: Jon Rita. And I have sent him on a Space Quest: live the life of a space pilot, space pirate, whatever the game makes you, but do it all based on in-game information (Oh, and only play in open). I hope that this commander will find some good stuff, and hopefully not only by visiting tourist beacons. I want to experience the search the thrill, the mistique inside the game. I sure do hope this is possible.

Fly safe,
CMDR Jermus Karlsen

P.S. most Tourist Beacons say to me: "Look, here has been some cool game play in the past, and you've missed it! (I do like lore-related tourist beacons, though).
Ok, I started playing the character for real now. I got distracted whith my main account doing DW2 :), so sorry.
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